Music and Dancing
Shan love freedom and happiness. They are very sociable people. They used to sing and dance at every festival and celebration. Without singing, beating gong, mong, cymbal and dancing, they do not consider it “festival.” The way of dancing is unique. There are different kind of dances such as Ka Nok (uMjelufh), Ka Doe (uMjwl0f;), Ka Lai (uMjvBm;), Ka Seng (uMjoFif;), Ka Mong Seung (uMjr.if;oldif;), Ka Gong Kon Yau (uMju.if@ulefj,m0f;) and Ka Mong (uMjr.if;), depend on the rhythm, beat and style of gong, mong and cymbal.
They used to dance together in group as party dance. According to the legendary story bird-dancing (Nok) and deer-dancing (Doe) (uMjelufhuMjwl0f;) in the month of October is a celebration of the light festival based on the story of the spirits of the people and animals welcoming the return of Buddha after his preaching and thanksgiving to his mother and other spirit in spiritual world. This dancing of Nok and Doe is in fact a Buddhist belief and religious in nature but it is claimed to be Shan cultural dance . In the past women did not dance in religious ceremony but only men did. Nowadays men and women are dancing together. Each small village has at least one band of gong, mong and cymbal and people march with it from the surrounding districts to attend any great festival in other village. The men and women form a large circle in front of the monastery around gong-mong band and they dance together all daylong far into the night. The performance is a very serious and solemn affair. When the dancers grow tired they give a weird shout in unison “hei” as a signal for the music to cease and the dancing will pause. As soon as one circle of men ceases dancing, another circle is ready to begin when gong, mong and cymbal start. The players of gong, mong and cymbal are also changed. After dancing they go into the temple and pray.

There are different Kind of gongs (drum) (u.if@)
- Gong Kon Yau (
u.if@ulefj,m0f;) - Gong Kun Pot (;? u.if@o.ifeMj) - Gong Ket (u.if@cAwfb)
- Gong Muong Seing (
u.if@r.if;oldif;) - Gong Zai ( u.if@qB;) - Gong Kum ( u.ifckrf;)
- Gong Nam ( u.iferfh) - Gong Sae (
u.if@aob) [43]
There are different kind of mongs made of bronze in different sizes, 10 to 40 centimeters in diameter, 5 to 7 pieces in one set. It produces different sound in harmony. Gong, mong and cymbal must be played together. Shan never play single instrument without combination of three during festive celebration. Shan are also fond of flute especially reed flute. Reed flute gives a beautiful sound. Reed flute music from Yunnan is very popular. There are different kind of flutes.
- Pi Nam Tao (made of a gourd and reeds) (yDberfhw0fj) - Pi Leao (made of one reed) (yDbvA0f)
- Pi Lume (made of bamboo) (yDDbvlrf;)
There are different kind of string instruments.
- Ding Kup Na (wdifbumyfbeM) - Ding Sam Sai (wdifbomrfoBm) - Ding Oh (wdifbnl0fj)
Folk songs are usually sung by a solo person without musical accompaniment. But sometime it is accompanied by flute or violin. There is no folk song for group singing. Most of the musical instruments are made of bamboo, goblet, clay, single or multiple string instruments.
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